Writing prompts

Little bursts of inspiration to tickle your creative fancy.  Use as few or as many words to finish the scene.  Share them with me in the comment section.

“Each step led her farther into the darkness, deeper into the unknown. She coughed, wiping the sticky blood from her lip…”




Tell this story.  Take 10 minutes of distraction free time and write. If you care to share your results feel free to post it to comments.


“Who are you talking to?”

He turned to look at her, pressing the receiver closer to his ear. “The doctor.” He lied.

Her eyes widened, “What for?” The words slipped away into the cavernous silence she had become too familiar with…

7 thoughts on “Writing prompts

  1. Each step led her farther into the darkness, deeper into the unknown. She coughed, wiping the sticky blood from her lip, the salty taste emerged from the grit, a ruthless reminder. She was still alive after all. Visionless into the tall brush as shards of twigs snapped beneath her bare feet, she stepped, A blind hole where north, south, east and west no longer existed lay before her. Above, the clouded sky spanned uneven stripes across the partial moon, the stripes thicker now so that even her hands in front of her were no longer visible. Wincing from the pain in her ribs she reached down, sipping the cold air and listened. Night sounds. How could she determine a snowy owl’s wings flapping from a coyote’s distance howl versus the noise she dreaded most; his footsteps approaching. Then she heard something unmistakeable … breathing.


  2. “Each step led her farther into the darkness, deeper into the unknown. She coughed, wiping the sticky blood from her lip, she remembered she picked at that scab. Mom told her to leave it alone. “You don’t need another scar..done got enough from horsing around with those brothers of yers”.
    She could hear the stifled giggles of the children, hiding in the boughs of the trees, just beyond the clearing. A small window of slivered light lit the path she stumbled down, the light that you have only with a full moon, on a starred night. She could tell where she was by the soft trickle of the creek running parallel to her left. If she follows it to the bend, she will be at the thicket. The old, rusted car full of crumpled, musty leaves and mouse droppings will be an ominous shadow, just as she puts the forest behind her. She sees movement in the distance, followed by a screech of joy and belly laughter. Suddenly, a large presence is felt behind her. She spins around, sucking in her breath to not let it out as it will give her position away. She sees her 13 year old brother, first finger to his lips, signing to shush. He whispers into her ear, “I see them over there, by the pile of old tires. If we sneak up on them from behind, we can tag them out all together!”
    With the stealth of a million practiced steps, sister and brother work together and race towards the hiding places of the other children, touching them lightly, grazing shirts and ponytails just enough so they know they are out.
    In the distance, Mom hears the laughter and childish screams of her young ones, and smiles. She knows that life is good.


  3. We wear them.
    Shoes to protect our feet.
    But what protects our hearts?
    While our hearts race with so many things to do, we choose to wear sneakers to help us keep the pace all day long.
    When our hearts ache for those we love, we wear boots in a quest to feel armored and safe.
    When our hearts feel like being free for a day, we wear sandals to feel the air, yet keep a guarded protection.
    When our hearts and minds are tired and weary, when we just cannot take another step, we are barefoot. Just don’t care, not even for protection.
    When we lay and cry, feeling the sheets rustle against our feet, we feel something, we just don’t know what it is.
    When we feel that silent hand on our shoulders, and He assures us He is there and to trust Him, we put on our high heeled shoes and stand proud and ready to face the world.


  4. Each step led her farther into the darkness, deeper into the unknown. She coughed, wiping the sticky blood from her lip…She slipped running to the washroom, her face smacked the toilet seat and she tore the inside of her mouth. She’s alone. She’s never done this before. She’s scared. All of a sudden, the world goes black.

    She wakes up in a strange place, filled with people speaking a language foreign to her. She looks down and realizes the miraculous gift that she once carried for so many months was no longer there. Fear, anger, sadness, they engulfed her. For a moment she wanted to die. Bad luck seemed to follow her wherever she went. She buried her face in her hands and wept uncontrollably.

    A stranger appeared out of nowhere. He gave her a hug, smiled at her and spoke several words she did not understand. He led her to a quiet room filled with tubes and all sorts of things she had never imagined existed. There, in this little plastic box, was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. For she had not brought one, but two little miracles into this world. She started to cry tears of joy. At that moment she knew she was the luckiest person on earth.


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