Yesterday I received this 

Yesterday I received this notification from WordPress several times through the day.

   I couldn’t figure out what was causing such a spike, then today it continued and I realized it was the one year anniversary of my most popular blog post.

So in honor of its anniversary and wanting to simply state a heartfelt thank you to all of my followers and those who take the time to read and comment and inspire me! 

Happy one year to my post with the very long title!

Thank you WordPress friends.  💞☺️

A repost for you:

Just jot it January – mendaciloquent 

Yesterday I got lucky and had my word selected for Linda G Hill’s JUST JOT IT JANUARY.  

Which means it was that day’s word prompt for all those who would like to play along! 

Super cool! 

Clearly I chose mendaciloquent, because who doesn’t love that word as much as I do? 

Well, everyone who has never heard of it before I guess…

Seeing as my word was the word of the day – I wanted to add my Just Jot it January to the pile.

Thanks to Linda for using my word, and for everyone brave enough to step up to the challenge of such a word 🙂 

Here’s my jot ~ enjoy! 

‘Christopher.’ My grandfather’s voice called from across the living room, rough and kind but not demanding. ‘Did I ever tell you the story about the year I walked along the damp floor of the Costa Rican rainforest?’ 

I picked the clean pot off the counter and stuffed my tea cloth in, swirling it around the inside. 

I tilted my head in his direction to answer and took a moment to really see my grandfather, sitting patiently, his crooked fingers steepled just in front of his mischievous smile. 

My mother leaned in and whispered, ‘Be careful of that mendaciloquent old man, if you listen long enough,  you’ll turn out just like him.’ She winked, flicking warm, sudsy dish water at my face while she laughed. 

She loved that man before I was born and could not hide her pride in his story telling ways.

I bit at my grandfathers invitation, as I always did, and slunk down on the carpet beside his rocking chair. 

Thinking as I pulled my legs up under me I am too old for this– but also knowing that through the eyes of this remarkable old man – I am still a child. 

Taking his soft, wrinkled hand in mine I  rested my head on his leg like I did years ago, listening to the slow, rhythmic rattle of of his breath mingle with the  hum of the oxygen tank. 

‘No papa,’ I say looking up into his gentle face. ‘Tell me your story.’

From the kitchen I can almost hear my mother smile and for a time we get lost in  his vibrant, artful lies and fall ever deeper, under his spell. 


Write with passion. Find your inspiration. 



It’s #BellLetsTalk 2016 ! 

Today, Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives for every:

Text message sent*

Mobile & long distance call made*

Tweet using #BellLetsTalk

Share of the Facebook image

In honor of this worthy cause I’m reposting an earlier post which is close to my heart.  

A creative non fiction piece about a dear friend of mine.

Diagnosed as bipolar, she has encountered many struggles from homelessness to addiction, yet is a beautiful example of grace and gratitude in her potential abyss of mental health. 

Have a read HERE and feel free to share.

Let’s spread the message of understanding and help to end the stigma about mental health. 

Bell let’s talk! 
Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters! 

Squelch the stigma ~spread kindness instead. 


Today, Let’s Talk
Write with passion. Find you inspiration.


Winter reads quote lovin’

I am a late bloomer with reading this one. But it has entered my heart at the top. Definitely one of my new all time favorites. 

“I don’t know how much longer I can keep going without a friend. I used to be able to do it very easily, but that was before I knew what having a friend was like. It’s much easier not to know things sometimes. And to have french fries with your mom be enough.” 

The perks of being a wallflower, Stephen Chbosky.

The kind of raw innocence and heartbreaking words that always keep me coming back for more. 

“Love always,


Write with passion. Find your inspiration.


Where to next? 



Who best to go to when jammed in the same scene in your magical realism story for months?

Your favorite young muse of course.

Forty minutes of creative brainstorming = rescuing my young protagonist from her tight shoulders. 

They must burn like a buggar from holding that box of hand written clues to a treasure hunt for so long. 

Time to get ready!

There’s some work ahead of me!

Write with passion. Find your inspiration. 


Check this out

Here are the two books I mentioned in an earlier post (the one about me being a big procrastinator...) which two ladies in my circle of writing friends have recently released.  

The Blue Pendant  By Susan A. Jennings 

 “A historical novel and love story that spans an ocean from Britain to Canada.”

Which you can find here.


Footpaths and fishing boats.  Growing up in Nipper’s Harbour.  By Audrey Starkes.

“The budding consciousness of a young girl in a small Newfoundland fishing community during the final years of its prosperous isolation.” 

Which you can find here.

Just a little bit of friendly, prideful promotion.



Write with passion. Find your inspiration.