You can’t be ugly.

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Because I love quotes.

I love this book.

I love authentic people-

and everyone needs a reminder sometimes that once you are real – you can’t be ugly.




Creativity captured

It has been a while my wordpress friends –

I am so thankful to have you in my life and to be able to share my words with you.

Wishing all of my Canadian friends and family a happy Thanksgiving. 💕

What ever makes your soul happy – do more of that.

Meraki: to do something with soul,

creativity or love;

to put something of yourself into your work.

Warm coffee 

There is an older gentleman who lives in my neighborhood. He is broad shouldered with fine features, and a stance of a hard-worked life. 

His truck is always clean and his driveway always plowed,

though I’ve not seen a soul to help him do either. 
He sits on summer days in a plastic chair at the head of his drive watching traffic.  

A broom or rake always resting across his knees.  

When I pass, I honk and he waves.  

In the evening his silhouette fills the long glass windows of his sunroom, 

backlit by what appears to be the fluid colors of a television. 
I do not know this gentleman, 

but he has become a part of my routine, 

to look for him sitting alone in his window, 

to honk for a wave as I pass, 

and to always ponder the possibility of bringing him a coffee and sitting awhile. 
I imagine my presence filling the empty chair across the table from him in the sunroom, 

or on the lawn cross-legged in the sun.
Just to know

Just to listen 

Just to chat
I never have.
That Cynical Cecil inside my mind does more than just discourage art. 

‘What would you say?’ It would ask.

‘How would you begin?’

‘How would he receive you — this young stranger with warm coffee and a smile…’ 

the weather has been too harsh for sitting at the end of a drive, 

the wind too sharp for plastic chairs. 

I look anyway, 

waiting to honk at the silhouette in the sunroom,

sitting across from the empty chair that calls to me.

the lights behind the long glass windows are too dark for traffic watching…

the vacant sunroom too sharp for me to imagine my seat in the chair.
I didn’t know

I didn’t listen

I didn’t chat 
My hand still hovers above my horn as I pass, 

waiting for that faint glow of a television, 

or perhaps that wave I have come to know… 
But mostly I wait for that gentleman 

with the broad shoulders 

and hard-worked stance.
Because now I know how I should have begun…
Simply, with a warm coffee and a smile.

Pinch me. 

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There are certain moments wrapped infinitely in a web of overwhelming emotion, where time seems to stretch like elastic ribbons, distorted and unending then frozen in a moment of unrecognizable shock.
There are others that cause public spaces to fall away into a dark abyss of periphery. 
And there are some moments which are sharp, crystal clear moments of memory – like photographs. Unbelievable news delivered and frozen forever in time.
All extraordinary – more precisely perhaps, events of their own.
I had never felt them all at once ~ until recently 
Each one of those powerful and extraordinary emotions seemed to enter from the top of my head in a hurricane, tearing wildly through my entire body, pushing at the seams of my skin until the only words left floating in my mind were:
Which was all my husband heard at the other end of the phone between my ragged breaths. 
Until I read him this:
“Coralee – 
You’re a strong writer and you’ve done a great job creating an interesting story with some very well-developed characters!

We’d like to offer you a contract . . . for publication.”
Thank you – to all of you – for supporting me in this process and helping to keep my inner critic at bay ❤️💕 I can’t wait to officially share my words with you all. 
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Unknown 
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Write with passion.  Find your inspiration.


Real beauty two 

Seven years after creating a coffee table book titled Real Beauty in a word.  

(An idea I put together after being frustrated with the bombardment of media images my school age daughter was already being exposed to) 

I was inspired once again to create something for my pre teen daughter to hold on to as she moves into the tumultuous years of self and image.  

We donned tutu’s and high tops and toured the city.  Because we could.

But, more than beautiful pics from my friend and photographer Denise Picanco was born from this idea.  The true gift was a beautiful day of memories. 

You can check out the full post here

Happy Monday.