The Journey

WordPress friends!

It has been a LONG time since I’ve posted here. A few of you came along for the ride as I stepped further out of my shell into the land of Facebook pages, so thank you if you joined.

Several years ago I started this blog as a stepping stone to come out of my shell and begin to share my writing with the world.

It was here, on these pages, that complete strangers became friends and your positive feedback to my words sprouted confidence in me.

I decided along the way with all of this support to get serious about my writing and try to chase the dream that still lived and burned in my twelve-year-old heart, to become a traditionally published author.

It was a LONG road filled with many learning curves and bumps that thickened my skin allowing me to change and improve and grow.

I wanted to share my progress with my original audience and wonderful group of supporters.

I’ve completed my novel. Which, in itself is an incredible feeling.

Then, many drafts after the completion and many rejection letters and ‘ghost’ replies it was accepted, and this November, Falling from Grace will be released into the world. (Kindle version is available for preorder now – here Oh My God!)

Thank you WordPress community. Truly. This space is where I found my courage to all-out chase my dreams.



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