She doesn’t know.

Right now she is strolling through her life, nose to the ground, feet moving forward. Only lifting her head to see what’s immediately in her path.

An obstacle, an alternate road, a moment of choice – she senses it, gently stroking the possibilities, and her body moves intuitively.

Oblivious, blissfully ignorant, and thriving. A stark lack of knowledge of what the future holds.

Soon for reasons unknown to her, life as she knows it will change forever.

Silky and tight, she will close herself off to the rest of the world simply because her instincts tell her to.

This is something she must do with her life.

So she does.

She will seal herself in complete darkness and her beautiful life will begin to categorically deconstruct.

She will eat the very thing that roamed the earth, taking in the air and sunshine of her previous life – herself.

She will slowly digest every part of her present being in that darkness.

Alone inside her cocoon, she will liquify into a soup of what was once her entire self, the only form of life she had ever recognized will be destroyed…

But microscopic and unknown to her, tiny rudimentary wings, flecks of powdery tissues -the imaginal discs -have been inside of her all along. Crawling through her previous life with her, waiting for the darkness to arrive.

They, the pieces of the truest version of herself, will survive.

The discs will bob in the fluid that was once her soft, mealy being, and the discs will use her soupy remains to reconstruct in the shadows of her cocoon.

Suspended in the air between the thin limbs of unsuspecting trees, she will change, using her own destruction as a catalyst for metamorphosis.

Bound in silence and tarry blackness, broken and deliquesced, she will begin to rebuild.

When complete, her cocoon will rupture creating a gaping hole in the blackness she had only recently become accustomed to.

Another staggering moment of change.

But she will step forward again.

Crawling back out into the sunshine of the world from where she came.

She will shake off the remaining fragments of her fractured cocoon which gripped her, destroyed her, and left her changed, forever.

She will stretch and her beautiful new wings will unfurl from her body, glimmering as they spread out into the soft air.

And then,

she will fly.


As will you

my friend.

As will you.

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