Pinch me. 

Originally posted on Coralee Boileau 


There are certain moments wrapped infinitely in a web of overwhelming emotion, where time seems to stretch like elastic ribbons, distorted and unending then frozen in a moment of unrecognizable shock.
There are others that cause public spaces to fall away into a dark abyss of periphery. 
And there are some moments which are sharp, crystal clear moments of memory – like photographs. Unbelievable news delivered and frozen forever in time.
All extraordinary – more precisely perhaps, events of their own.
I had never felt them all at once ~ until recently 
Each one of those powerful and extraordinary emotions seemed to enter from the top of my head in a hurricane, tearing wildly through my entire body, pushing at the seams of my skin until the only words left floating in my mind were:
Which was all my husband heard at the other end of the phone between my ragged breaths. 
Until I read him this:
“Coralee – 
You’re a strong writer and you’ve done a great job creating an interesting story with some very well-developed characters!

We’d like to offer you a contract . . . for publication.”
Thank you – to all of you – for supporting me in this process and helping to keep my inner critic at bay ❤️💕 I can’t wait to officially share my words with you all. 
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Unknown 
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Write with passion.  Find your inspiration.



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